Southern Container, LLC

Southern Container, LLC

Terms and Conditions


1.Collection program is intended to provide customers with a return service for Intermediate Bulk Containers after a single use.


2.Request are subject to rejection.


3.IBCs must be intact and free of punctures.


4. These containers must be empty as in the Environmental Protection Agency Regulations, 40 CFR 261.7*, and they must be properly prepared for transportation under the regulations of the U.S. Department of Transportation, 49 CFR 173.29**.* With regard to most regulated residues, EPA's 40 CFR 261.7 states, (see regulation for exact language) a container is empty if:



(a) all waste is removed that can be removed using practices commonly employed to remove materials from that type of container, e.g. pouring, pumping, aspirating, and (b) no more than 2.5 centimeters (one inch) of non-removable residue in the bottom of the container or no more than 3% by weight of total capacity remains in the container.



For residue of products specifically specified in 40 CFR 261.31, 261.32, 261.33(e) the container is empty only if the container has been triple rinsed using a solvent capable of removing, or has been cleaned by another method shown capable of equivalent removal.


5. Containers must be properly emptied, classified, described, packaged, marked, labeled and in proper condition for transportation according to applicable regulations of the United States Department of Transportation. This will protect YOU. HAZMAT may require placards be provided to the driver per DOT rules. **DOT's 49 CFR 173.29 states that all openings on the empty container must be closed, and that all markings and labels must be in place as if the container were full of its original contents.


6. Failure to comply with these guidelines will result in containers being returned freight collect and all charges incurred will be billed to the shipper. If non-hazardous heel is to be processed (more than empty described above), the chemical reside left in containers will be billed back to the shipper at a rate of $9 per gallon. One inch of heel is approximately seven gallons. A $25 handling fee will apply to each IBC with excess heel regardless if returned to shipper or not.