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Tinplate, Metal Cans, Paint Cans


Tinplate packaging is a popular form of packaging in the food and beverage markets.  It is also a sustainable packaging solution due to its ease of recyclability.
Our Packaging experts are available to assist you through every step of the packaging process.

About our Tinplate Packaging

  • Round Metal Cans

    • Size Ranging from 1/4 Pint to 1 Gallon​

    • Available With or Without Ears & Bails

    • Gray or Gold Epoxy Phenolic Linings

    • Tops

      • Plain​

      • Brush Top

      • Cone Top

      • MonoTop

    • Full Lithography​

    • Carton or Pallet Packs

  • F-Style Cans​

    • Size Ranging from 1/2 Pint to 1 Gallon​

    • Available in Plain of White Coat

    • Wide variety of Flanges & Fittings

    • Full Lithography

    • UN Certified for 4G Carton Packs

    • Carton or Pallet Packs

Friendly employees with quick and easy service, it is a pleasure to do business with such wonderful people!

Robb Walters

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